lundi 1 avril 2019

IP assets from Vietnam and France [avr. 2019]

Some event could be a surprising place to challenge entrepreneurs minds about how to protect and share their creations, designs, inventions, discoveries and know how all over the world [1].

Such an event was the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF), held in Paris on March 30-31. 2019 [2], where entrepreneurs of companies operating in luxury & decorative art, agriculture and education and  which are bearing remarkable IP assets could met :
  • Thai Binh Seed, ThaiBinh province, Vietnam, a corporation that have been conducting research, selection and production of seeds since 1972 [3]
  • Minh Long, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a company which has been creating, designing, crafting and manufacturing high-class porcelain tableware and cookware since 1970 [4]
  • Do-Khac Decision, Paris, France, a small consulting business that franchises management coaching tools (Agile games)[5].

Crédit photo :
Rice plants picture : ThaiBinh Seed, Vietnam
Vietnam Global Leaders Forum round plate, Minh Long, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
Agile games packs : Do-Khac Decision, France

[1] Cooperation between INPI and NOIP Vietnam (post in French)
[2] Open Innovation above borders  (post in French)
[3] ThaiBinh Seeds
[4] MinhLong
[5] Do-Khac Decision